Anubis API allows to audit the results of policy evaluations for requests to access resources for the different tenants.

An audit log entry includes:

  • the id of the decision
  • the type of audit (for the time being only access)
  • the service to which the request was directed
  • the resource requested
  • the resource type of the requested resource
  • the access mode requested
  • the decision of the policy evaluation
  • the user originating the requested (if a token was used during the request)
  • the remote ip used by the client issuing the request
  • the timestamp of the request

For example:

  "id": "8a86afa0-64a1-42df-9fc0-b539a3abf911",
  "type": "access",
  "service": "context broker",
  "resource": "*",
  "resource_type": "entity",
  "mode": "acl:Read",
  "decision": "True",
  "user": "",
  "remote_ip": "",
  "timestamp": "2022-06-28T10:43:41.657657"